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About us

At the Maxworth Group of Companies, we lead the way in the global supply of high-quality ecofriendly minerals. Through our decade-long expertise and international presence across Australia, Malaysia and India, we efficiently manage the supply of commodities, responding promptly to the large-scale needs of our customers.

Headquartered in Australia, Maxworth Group leads the resourcing of high-quality ecofriendly minerals with the sole aim of bridging the gap between supply and procurement of fine minerals such as Garnet, Sillimanite and Ilmenite among many others.

We have always aimed at being the preferred choice of customers and strive to be acknowledged as a strong entity in the ecofriendly mineral and metal resources sector. Today, our commitment to excellence in all aspects of supply and procurement, together with our customer-centric approach, has ensured that we are recognised as leading players in the global mineral sector.

We believe in creating opportunities and sharing our success with each of our suppliers as well as distributors. Upon this conviction, we have built a strong unified supply network and distribution chain. Our strategic alliances serve us well in offering the highest value to our customers and the entire Maxworth family.

Over the years, we have been growing from strength to strength and it is trust placed in us by our customers that keeps us going. Our rapid growth has emboldened the group to expand our frontiers and we look forward to increasing our range of ecofriendly products as well as widen our infrastructure in the days to come. We hope to enjoy your continued support and patronage during this journey.

Maxworth Group of Companies – comprising of Maxworth Minerals, India and MBN Resources, Malaysia – is the subsidiary of Maxworth International Pty Ltd, Australia that primarily engages in mineral processing as well as exporting and operates out of multiple locations around the world.

Maxworth Minerals and Metals

Our Vision

To become a worldwide provider of quality ecofriendly minerals, abrasives and surface preparation solution, by value addition and processing.

Our Mission

To lead in the environment friendly surface preparation industry.

Board of Directors

Mr. Kunnumpurath Bijo (Chairman)

imageAn Indian-born citizen of Australia, Bijo Kunnumpurath is the Chairman of Maxworth Minerals. He sketches the vision of the organization on a global scale, providing the way forward in overseeing systems, ensuring compliance with legal / statutory obligations as well as implementing policies in risk management and quality assurance. Recognized as an accomplished entrepreneur with a remarkable business acumen, he has been integrating skills from several business backgrounds to bring about a proactive approach in business development, innovation, change management and governance. Bijo has a Master’s in Business Administration perfectly complimented by a qualification in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked extensively worldwide and is esteemed as a notable, socially responsible personality in diverse communities across Australia, Malaysia as well as India. He is also a member of GAICD (Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors). Bijo is currently pursuing Ph.D. at the Swinburne University, in the field of good governance.

Mr. Dini Domini K (Managing Director & CEO)

imageDini Domini has the honour of being the very first employee of the MWT Group of companies. Having proved his competence as part of the management team, he was promoted as Managing Director of the Group in 2019. A mechanical engineer by profession, Dini earned vast exposure and multi-dimensional business insights from diversified business sectors across India, UK and the Middle East. A strong believer in the value of continued education, Dini completed his MBA in top ranks and is seeking the next learning challenge by pursuing a doctoral program. His perfect interpersonal and administrative talents have helped enhance the vertical and horizontal growth of the organisation.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Kanugula (General Manager)

imageSantosh Kumar Kanugula is an innovative and dynamic individual who is a mineral processing engineer by profession. He gained exposure and multi-dimensional business insights from diversified business sectors across India, South East Asia and the Middle East. Over the years he has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed more than 10 years in generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion.

Bestowed with vast technical understanding and acumen, Santosh continually keeps abreast of new developments in all fields of the mining industry. He has enhanced the growth and sustainability of the company with his sharp management skills. As a well-networked, enthusiastic team player, he excels in building cross-functional teams and demonstrates exceptional communication skills as well as the ability to make critical decisions in challenging situations. He is a transformational leader with the ability to work independently and develop opportunities that further establish organizational goals. He indeed has the distinction of optimizing leads and contribution to overall 20% growth. His management system is consistent with international and organizational standards.

About Maxworth Australia and Maxworth Minerals

At Maxworth, We are Committed to Quality

Maxworth International Pty Ltd, Australia commenced operation in 2011 as a trading company for ecofriendly minerals such as Garnet, Ilmenite, Sillimanite, Bentonite. In 2012, Maxworth Minerals emerged in Vizag SEZ, India as the subsidiary company of Maxworth International Pty Ltd in order procure minerals from mining companies. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Maxworth Minerals has its processing unit in the VSEZ for value addition of minerals and offer ecofriendly tailor-made end products that cater to customer demands and export requirements across USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Middle East.

Since inception, the company has grown to emerge as one of the leading exporters and distributors of industrial minerals.

The company specializes in the sourcing, processing and value addition of ecofriendly industrial minerals such as Garnet, IImenite, Sillimanite, PS Ball and the sourcing, and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Maxworth India’s processing unit consists of two warehouses with machineries required for dry process. The monthly export capacity is nearly 1500 tons.
Since 2011, we have built a strong unified supply network and distribution chain. The warehouse and storage facility within the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone in Southern India has helped Maxworth further reduce delivery times. The facility also allows for the reprocessing of ecofriendly garnet and mineral products to meet the specific requirements of customers. Maxworth India is the first company to have met the current canalization requirements of the Government of India under the Export policy of Beach Sand Minerals.

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