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Maxworth Minerals is a company that values integrity, innovation, and collaboration. They are committed to excellence, delivering value to stakeholders and fostering trust and transparency in all interactions. They believe in responsible mining practices and minimize their environmental footprint to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Innovation drives their progress, with a culture of creativity and forward thinking. They value the diverse perspectives and unique talents of each team member, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. Sustainability is a guiding principle, with a focus on responsible resource management and community engagement.

Maxworth Minerals is committed to continuous learning, encouraging and supporting team members in expanding their skills, knowledge, and capabilities. They believe that their values are more than just words on paper; they are the driving force behind their daily operations, defining who they are and the positive impact they strive to make in the world.

Junior Associate

We are seeking a motivated and technically proficient junior Associate with a background in Mechanical or Electrical engineering to join our team.

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   What sets us apart from the rest?   

Joining MaxWorth Minerals means becoming part of a dynamic team committed to excellence, integrity, and innovation in the mining industry. At MaxWorth, we foster a culture that values collaboration, diversity, and sustainability. Our commitment to responsible practices, continuous learning, and a supportive work environment creates opportunities for personal and professional growth. Join us in shaping a sustainable future, where your contributions make a meaningful impact, and your career journey is marked by exciting challenges and purposeful achievements.

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