PS Balls

Maxworth International Pty Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of blast abrasives, which are personalized for the needs of diverse customers. Our focus is on high quality protective coating systems, and with our rich experience of over a decade we have achieved high cost efficiency and product stability.

Our newly introduced abrasive material PS Ball is produced by super- cooling molten steel slag. It is an exciting and versatile product which is highly stable, hard and very tough. Its superior characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications and its most common usage is as an abrasive for the surface preparation of steel prior to the application of paint coatings.

As PS Ball does not contain Free Silica, it is non toxic and in compliance with environmental regulations the world over. Compared to sand or copper slag, it has superior compressive strength, hardness and anti-weathering properties.

PS Balls

Chemical Properties

Conductivity <100 μS/cm (μmhos/cm) or <10mS/m according to ASTM D 4940 Standard.
Dust Level <Low ( Rating 1 ) ISO 8502-3
Dust Level <Low ( Rating 1 ) ISO 8502-3
Radioactivity Undetected) Ra - 226 Gamma - Spectrometry < 10 Bq/kg.
Chloride Content < 10 ppm (ISO 8502-10)

Specifications of PS Balls

ISO standard In compliance with ISO 11126-6 Non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives Part 6 : Iron Furnace Slag
Free silica < 1 %
Dust emission Very low
Recyclability yes - Depending on job conditions
Waste Disposal Depending on contamination and local regulations´╗┐
Grain Size (mm) 0-0.6, 0.6-1.0, 1.0-2.0, 0.6-2.0, 2.0-5.0;
Packing PP Jumbo Bag

Characteristics of PS Balls

PS Ball is a superior abrasive with the following outstanding properties:

  • Environmentally friendly and non toxic
  • Stable Spinel molecular structure formed by super cooling molten slag in steel making process
  • High strength and low abrasive rate
  • High density and very low friability
  • Very safe composition
  • High compressive strength and hardness´╗┐
  • Durable , can be collected and reused
  • Harder than copper and sand
  • High coefficient of friction and resistant to slippage
  • It has been proven to have higher efficiency than river sand for pollution removal
  • Under normal conditions, it generates fewer dust exhaust than copper slag and garnet

Applications of PS Balls

  • PS Balls are suitable for use as an abrasive blasting material in place of garnet or copper slagc
  • As it is heavier than sand , it can be used as a counter balance in mixing materials
  • Used as casting sand for the casting on nonferrous metals
  • Used as filtration media during recycling of industrial waste water
  • Due to its nonslip properties, can be applied as covering on the road´╗┐
  • As it has the property of coherence with asphalt or concrete, PS Balls can be used as efficient Repair or Reinforcement Material
  • PS Balls can be used successfully as paving for concrete and asphalt roads
  • Due to its hardness and spherical shape, PS Balls can be used as a suitable permeable material in waste (food or garbage) dumping areas
  • For hardening of the ground of seashore or riverside, PS Balls can be used in place of the traditional sand for pumping water
  • Used in the field of ship industries and oil refinery plant maintenance for short blasting purposes.

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