Applications of PS Balls

  • Chemical Properties

    Conductivity <100 μS/cm (μmhos/cm) or <10mS/m according to ASTM D 4940 Standard.
    Dust Level <Low ( Rating 1 ) ISO 8502-3
    Dust Level <Low ( Rating 1 ) ISO 8502-3
    Radioactivity Undetected) Ra - 226 Gamma - Spectrometry < 10 Bq/kg.
    Chloride Content < 10 ppm (ISO 8502-10)

  • Specifications of PS Balls

    ISO standard In compliance with ISO 11126-6 Non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives Part 6 : Iron Furnace Slag
    Free silica < 1 %
    Dust emission Very low
    Recyclability yes - Depending on job conditions
    Waste Disposal Depending on contamination and local regulations´╗┐
    Grain Size (mm) 0-0.6, 0.6-1.0, 1.0-2.0, 0.6-2.0, 2.0-5.0;
    Packing PP Jumbo Bag

  • Characteristics of PS Balls

    PS Ball is a superior abrasive with the following outstanding properties:

    • Environmentally friendly and non toxic
    • Stable Spinel molecular structure formed by super cooling molten slag in steel making process
    • High strength and low abrasive rate
    • High density and very low friability
    • Very safe composition
    • High compressive strength and hardness´╗┐
    • Durable , can be collected and reused
    • Harder than copper and sand
    • High coefficient of friction and resistant to slippage
    • It has been proven to have higher efficiency than river sand for pollution removal
    • Under normal conditions, it generates fewer dust exhaust than copper slag and garnet

  • Applications of PS Balls

    • PS Balls are suitable for use as an abrasive blasting material in place of garnet or copper slagc
    • As it is heavier than sand , it can be used as a counter balance in mixing materials
    • Used as casting sand for the casting on nonferrous metals
    • Used as filtration media during recycling of industrial waste water
    • Due to its nonslip properties, can be applied as covering on the road´╗┐
    • As it has the property of coherence with asphalt or concrete, PS Balls can be used as efficient Repair or Reinforcement Material
    • PS Balls can be used successfully as paving for concrete and asphalt roads
    • Due to its hardness and spherical shape, PS Balls can be used as a suitable permeable material in waste (food or garbage) dumping areas
    • For hardening of the ground of seashore or riverside, PS Balls can be used in place of the traditional sand for pumping water
    • Used in the field of ship industries and oil refinery plant maintenance for short blasting purposes.

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