Widely use all over the world for manufacture of Refractory Bricks, Iron Foundries, Spark Plugs, Glass, and Chemicals, Sillimanite is one of three

Alumino-Silicate Polymorphs with the chemical formula Al2SiO5 . Fibrolite, a common variety of Sillimanite, is so named because the Mineral appears like a bunch of fibers twisted together. The fibrous and traditional forms of Sillimanite are both commonly found in Metamorphosed Sedimentary Rocks.

At Maxworth Minerals, we supply lumps and processed powder in bulk quantity as per Consumer specifications and requirements, mostly for use in Refractory Brick Manufacturing and Foundries.


We deal with high quality Sillimanite, with the lowest percentage of impurities. The overall use and demand for Sillimanite group minerals has increased steadily throughout the world over the past few decades.

Sillimanite or Aluminium Silicate is used as a raw material for high alumina refractories, which are extensively used in Iron and Steel, petrochemicals, Electrical, Cement, Zinc and Glass Industries.

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A1 Sillimanite - Premium 300 (Grade Sil)
A1 Sillimanite - Super GRADE A1-Sil-T

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