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Micro Silica

Micro Silica is a very fine Pozzolanic Material composed of Amorphous Silica. It is a by-product in the process of manufacturing of Silicon and Ferro Silicon alloys. It can also be produced by densification of burnt Rice Husk. Micro Silica (MS) has proven to be an excellent admixture for Portland cement concrete.

  • Addition of Micro Silica (MS) to concrete mix usually results in significant improvement in strength, durability and permeability. Some of the improvements to the concrete properties occur because Micro Silica is a pozzolan. Pozzolans are finely divided silica that combine with free lime (Calcium Hydroxide) to create more calcium Silica Hydrate.
  • Micro Silica (MS) can be used in variety of cementitious products such as concrete, grouts and mortars as well as elastomer, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.
  • Micro Silica is used in concrete to improve its properties. It has been found that Micro Silica improves compressive strength, bond strength and abrasion resistance; reduced permeability; and therefore helps in protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion.


  • The advantages of using microsilica can be considerable as it reduces thermal cracking caused by the heat of cement hydration and can improve durability to attack by sulphate and acidic waters. Microsilica or silica fume is an excellent admixture for concrete as it leads to better engineering properties.
  • Benefits of microsilica when applied to precast concrete include control of segregation in high workability and self-compacting mixes. Concrete structures requiring strength and durability in a high chloride environment, such as harbours and marine bridges, are a major application for microsilica. High performance pre-cast concrete can play an increasingly significant role in improving the sustainability of concrete construction.
  • Micro silica is an extremely fine material, with an average diameters 100x finer than cement. This eliminates bleed and weak transition zone between aggregate and paste found in normal concrete.
  • This micro filler effect will greatly reduce permeability and improves the paste-to-aggregate bond of silica fume concrete compared to conventional concrete.
  • The silica reacts rapidly providing high early age strengths and durability. The efficiency of micro silica is 3-5 times that of OPC.

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