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Board of Directors

Mr. Kunnumpurath Bijo (Chairman)

Email: bijo@hcigroup.com.au

imageMr. Kunnumpurath Bijo, the Chairman of the MWT Global and Maxworth Group, is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Bijo sketches the vision of the organisation on a global scale and oversees internal systems to ensure compliance with legal/statutory obligations as well as implementing policies in risk management and quality assurance.

Bijo is recognised as an accomplished entrepreneur with remarkable business acumen. He has integrated this acumen to bring about a proactive approach in business development, innovation, change management and governance, especially in the higher education and vocational education and training sectors, among other areas of operation.

Maxworth Minerals was conceptualised and established by him in 2011 to fill a niche in the global import and export of high-quality minerals.

Mr. Dini Domini K (CEO)

Email: dini@healthcareersgroup.in

Phone: +91 98469 84668

imageMr Dini Domini has been part of the foundational leadership team of the MWT Global and Maxworth Group of companies from inception and has played a key role in creating the company vision and direction. On proving his mettle as a leader and visionary, he was elevated as CEO of the Group in 2015. A mechanical engineer by profession, Dini gained vast exposure and multidimensional business insights from diversified business sectors across India, UK and the Middle East. His impeccable interpersonal and administrative skills have helped boost the vertical and horizontal growth of the organisation.

As CEO of Maxworth Minerals, he takes a proactive approach, redefining strategy and optimising operations to create sustainable growth.

Mr. Mohan Das G (Alternate Director)

Email: mohan@healthcareersgroup.in

imageMr Mohandas G has around 30 years of experience in the education and information technology service sectors in India and abroad. A Bachelor of Arts degree holder, he provides leadership, management and operations expertise on the overall functioning of the company. Skilled at motivating and building successful teams with innovative management techniques, Mohandas has succeeded in boosting the company’s revenue and profitability.

As the Alternate Director of Maxworth Minerals, Mohandas is known for his dynamic leadership, strategic planning and problem-solving skills.

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