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    • ISO Certification for Maxworth Minerals



      Maxworth Minerals is pleased to announce that we have received the ISO 9001:2015 certification, as recognition of our Quality Management System which complies with the stringent requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certificate covers all our activities under the scope of Processing, Grading, Trading and Export of Industrial Materials such as Garnet, Ilmenite, Sillimanite and PS Ball.


  • All-new Range of A1 Garnet at Maxworth



    Maxworth Minerals is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new range of A1 Garnet abrasives that are proven to meet all current industry standards. They are found to pose virtually no environmental risks as they are comprised of non-ferrous, 100% natural, inert mineral with less than 1% free silica. A1 garnets produce less dust – this not only improves operator visibility but also reduces cleanup costs while minimizing the impact on work areas nearby. Maxworth offers a choice of grades to match any focusing tube and orifice for any given cutting application.

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